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Welcome to Amanuensis, my name is Claire Hone.

Amanuensis is a global organisation based in Australia.  With over 23 years experience, I would be delighted to assist with your professional office requirements.

If you would like further information on our services or have any questions please feel free to contact me:

     Mobile                        +61 (0) 409 513 869

     Fax                            +61 (3) 9787 0950

     Email                          email link



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Professional Testimonials

          I have worked with Claire for many years and indeed traced her in Australia from the UK to get her help on a special project.  She previously
             worked with me as Main Board PA for a plc and was exceptionally capable -
S D Beart, CEO

        Claire is hardworking and quick to learn, and is an excellent communicator with both management and junior staff - JK

        Claire has been doing freelance secretarial work for us as and when required through Amanuensis for approximately 18 months. 
           She has proved herself to be efficient, prompt and professional at all levels
  - SW

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